Session 1

The Above-Ground Railroad

Mira, Calderón, and Gorthaur wake up in the middle of the night in a wooden cell “train car” moving at decent pace though a canyon in the middle of the night. The car is covered in magical darkness and magical silence. The group escapes, killing halfling guards (who unintentionally inform them that the group was being carted off to be sold as slaves) and orogs in the neighboring cart, as well as finding magical weaponry and a handful of gold. There is an explosion towards the front of the “train,” and imps begin flying overhead. Gorgons (previously providing train locomotion) run away from explosion. Two barbed devils appear, demand a “black orb,” and attack. The party gets creative with some explosive powder and a fireball, only to realize the devils are immune to fire. Eventually, one devil is killed, but one manages to steal the black dodecahedron that Mira carried and escapes towards the front of the train.

A volcano (Kilzün—“stone belch” or “stone fart” in Old Dwarven) is glowing in the back- ground throughout, and the ground starts shaking more and more frequently as the battles wear on.

Mira informs Gorthaur (and presumably Calderón) about her adventure into the volcano, where she found the black dodecahedron (in a bag with initials “JM”) and her sword-whip, and saw that the volcano was essentially a dragon hive. Mira believes that the eruption will hatch the hundreds(?) of thousands of dragon eggs she saw lining the walls inside the volcano. Her last memory is speaking with a beautiful woman she believed to be a red dragon, named Simone, and walking through a doorway. Gorthaur and Calderón tell Mira that their last memory before the train was eating some funny-tasting soup in a tavern.

Also of note: Gorthaur’s minor illusions look like cardboard.

Session 2


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