Session 11

The Meat Grinder

Session 10

Calderón decides his mind flayer captive is too dangerous to keep alive (what with its ability to mentally attack even with broken limbs/tentacles), so he kills the hapless creature and puts it out of its misery.

Shortly after, somewhat concerned about the recent attack by G’hotezhe and co., the party asks T to scry on the old man’s whereabouts. T and Grognak head upstairs, out of the hideout, to find an eerily quiet and empty street. Despite the tense atmosphere, they remain undisturbed as T scries on G’hotezhe; he determines that G’hotezhe, several squid-bugbears, at least a couple mind flayers, and what looks like an oddly dressed halfling are all walking through the sewer system of Broughton. The party deduces that their foes are heading towards the hideout—which is also connected to the sewers—and begins to prepare a defense.

The sewers enter the hideout via a secret antechamber which adjoins Mira’s office. This room also connects to a winding staircase which leads upstairs to another secret room in the smokeless-fire lounge. The hallway from the sewers to the antechamber is only 5 feet across, so the group decides to stage an ambush in this corridor. They place caltrops and ball bearings along the hallway floor, which is poorly lit already. A minor illusion of a sleeping guard is also placed outside a minor illusion of a closed door right before the antechamber begins, allowing the party to see out without their enemies seeing in. The guild members under Mira’s command depart with T back to his private hideout for safety.

A short while after preparations are complete, our “heroes” hear noises coming from the sewer entrance and prepare for battle. Two mind flayers (John Trapolta and Bear Grylls) round the corner with several squid-bugbears. The mind flayers command the squid-bugbears to attack; they are initially deceived by the illusions and fall pray to the many traps on the floor. While they are bumbling around, Mira—perched on the staircase with Gorthaur—unleashes a flaming sphere that manages to more or less eliminate any potential threat the squid-bugbears could have been.

After several suicidal monstrosities die, the mind flayers take things into their own hands. They telepathically move the flaming sphere to destroy the bottom of the staircase, cast confusion on Grognak (who begins hitting Hildra), and successfully dominate Calderón, commanding him to take out Gorthaur. This begins a bit of a chase sequence until Gorthaur gets away and the rest of the party is able to stop Calderón and snap him back to reality. Meanwhile, G’hotezhe and his crew escape into the sewers.

The party minus Gorthaur decides to head to T’s to figure out their next steps, though Gorthaur ends up heading that way as well to eventually meet back up with them. In an attempt to gain Gorthaur’s trust back (who believes that the party may still be under mind flayer control), T uses his magical hat to rid the group of any lingering domination and gives Gorthaur a magical ring as a gift. After a lengthy discussion, it is decided that the dodecahedron must be destroyed; when asked how to do so, T’s only idea is to toss it into the Fount. This is deemed a good idea, and plans commence.

T takes the remainder of his underlings and Mira’s underlings to the oceanside Fount city of Iswäter. The main group then opens a portal to the Fount area, sends an invisible skeleton carrying the dodecahedron through, and portals themselves to the Fount at Rhiverpuhl. Once at Rhiverpuhl, they attempt to use the portal device to target either the dodecahedron or the Broughton Fount, but find that the magical static is too high in the area, overriding any chance of targeting something precisely.

Session 12


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