Session 12

Live Free or Die Dwarf

Session 11

After loitering for a while in the Fount area of Rhiverpuhl, the party is approached by a city enforcement officer. He gives Gorthaur a hard time about not having a permit to keep his S.C.U.B.A.s, as well as questioning the entire party as to their presence in the city. After a drawn-out discussion in which Gorthaur eventually purchases a license and Grognak learns that there’s a Go-Fish tournament next week, the party agrees to leave town.

Instead, they head to the Rock Bottom Inn, a lively bar full of dwarves, free beer, and a Go-Fish table accompanied by one of the only other half-orcs the group has run into. Grognak gains the trust of this other half-orc, who is a legal immigrant into Rhiverpuhl. The group later uses Grognak’s friendly connection with this honorable half-orc to take a long look at his city ID, as well as identify where he lives (Cave 7).

Meanwhile, Gorthaur reads his books while the others listen for interesting tidbits they can pickup around the bar. It is learned that the Go-Fish prize is a gigantic golden fish with ruby eyes, easily worth tens of thousands of gold. They also learn that rumors are starting about a great calamity befalling Broughton, though details are scarce; the Scrying News Network (SNN) has gone dark in that area. Mira uses a Gossip Stone to talk to T and learns the names of a local thieves guild leaders: Stealthfoot and Gravelfinger. Rumor has it that they can be found at the Rock Top Inn.

The party leaves the Rock Bottom Inn, Gorthaur first disguising himself as a biker dwarf with a Dwarfstica tattoo. They make their way lower in the city to the Rock Top Inn and are greeted by a grey-haired old dwarf bartender with a strange, immobile finger. He introduces himself as Mick Notgravelfinger and refuses to acknowledge any thieves guild ties. However, he hires the group to eliminate an officer of the law, named Wyllsmyth. He is also sufficiently impressed by the party having Broughton gold that he deigns to make them effective false IDs to better get around town. At this point we learn that what used to be Broughton is now a black crater, swarmed by “large red lizards,” which the party presumes to be dragonkin.

To gain favor with Mick Notgravelfinger, the group heads to the Granite Hoof, a bar Wyllsmyth is known to frequent. They send in Hildra, who notices it is a cop bar, and a slight panic ensues among the other party members in the tunnels outside. They decide to send an invisible Calderón to help Hildra; together, they effectively seduce Wyllsmyth into taking Hildra back to his cave (Cave 324). There—after Hildra ignores Calderón’s advice to keep seducing the officer—Wyllsmyth is paralyzed and killed, with Grognak planting evidence that his earlier half-orc friend was responsible. His body is returned to Mick Notgravelfinger at the Rock Top Inn for a significant gold reward, an introduction to “Sneakytoe,” his associate, and free rooms for the evening. The session ends with the group discussing their next move, and Sneakytoe and Mick Notgravelfinger discussing possible upcoming opportunities.

Session 13


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