Session 15

Killing Babies

Session 14

Heading into the basement of the asylum, our heroes enter into a large, cavernous room and see several dwarves, all dressed in light blue pajama-style clothing, facing an ornate fountain covered in archaic runes and images. Gorthaur casts comprehend languages to try to read the runes, but they are not a proper language, and he is only able to discern that they are very old. He does understand the ominous chanting coming in unison from the gathered dwarves:

“We return, we unite, we rule”

Floating above the fountain is a ball of light which seems to pulse in time with the chanting. Every thirty seconds or so it makes a massive pulse, which has the effect of healing everyone in the room. This continues for a few minutes before the party decides they should investigate further. As they all step forward, the dwarves cease chanting and turn towards them; the ball of light coalesces into a beautiful silver-skinned humanoid, standing nearly 9 feet tall, with angelic wings and an otherworldly glow about him. The creature addresses the party with a deep, sonorous voice, demanding that they bend a knee and submit to him. Most of the party does so, but not all. This act of stubbornness inevitably leads to combat.

The dwarves return to chanting for the duration of the battle, and when the creature seems close to defeated, one of the dwarves leaps forward into the angelic being, causing a bright flash of light. As the light dims, the dwarf is gone and the creature seems good as new. Recommence the battle. Eventually, our heroes are able to subdue the creature and kill it, again accompanied by a blinding flash of light. All of the dwarves drop unconscious.

Mira inspects the fountain, wherein she finds a large grey fetus. Ignoring her revulsion, she pulls it out of the fountain and Hildra casts speak with dead in order to learn who/what it is/was. The fetus speaks to the group, telling them it was killed by them mere moments ago and that it was a type of creature called a Deva; it is generally unruly and uncooperative. After the spell ends, Mira takes a torch and burns the fetus into a pile of silvery ashes, which CalderĂ³n takes and keeps at the request of his patron.

Session 16


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