Session 16

*modem noises*

Session 15

After taking a rest in the basement, the party—aware that they have not found all of the missing dwarves yet—decide to exit through the backdoor of the asylum to delve deeper into the Estuary. They proceed out, only to be met with an enormous black wall, made some sort of metal and clearly several feet thick. After some testing, they learn that the wall conducts lightning spells and that casting such a spell near one end opens an almost-unseeable door. Gorthaur becomes the designated lightning-bearer, continuously casting shocking grasp in order to power their way forward.

Passing the wall, the Posse-Slayers find themselves in a room made of the same metal. The walls of the room have very regular hexagons subtly etched into them; the etchings light up with blue electricity when Gorthaur brings his shocking grasp close enough. Mira believes this is a similar phenomenon to her experience in Kilz├╝n where she believes she met a dragon named Simone and that they are now in a dragon hive. Despite this, the party moves forward to look for the remaining thieves guild dwarf. Another electric door leads to a similarly hexagon-laden room, this time occupied by three odd creatures with bodies in the shape of, respectively, a cube, a sphere, and a pyramid. These mechanical beings acknowledge the party but don’t seem to change their behavior in any way, instead continuing to inspect and monitor the hexagons lining the walls and ceiling.

Mira, in a heightened state of tension due to her belief that this is a dragon hive, attacks one of the creatures, killing it instantly. The other two creatures begin making “modem noises” and move to attack the party. Hildra casts comprehend languages and understands them speaking in Modron; they seem to be repeating very simplistic lines like “Intruders spotted into Room 4B.” The party swiftly kills them before debating whether or not to press on.

Session 17


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