Session 18

Red vs. Blue

Session 17

We return to our “heroes” standing cautiously by as O’Grotten controls Ms. Sánchez. Through him, she reveals that her first name is Viora, which Gorthaur recognizes as a name from his book on dragons (though she is careful never to actually admit to being one). She claims to be very impressed with the party for besting her, requesting that they command O’Grotten to free her so she can parley with them. The group insists that O’Grotten is his own boss, and that he can do what he wants, which successfully keeps him inside Ms. Sánchez. She also claims to recognize Calderón’s glaive as belonging to “the mighty Demon Lord Nòredlac.”

While they discuss, modrons begin falling from the shaft above them. Calderón begins levitating in order to figure out what’s going on; he gets several hundred feet up and begins to see fiery explosions much farther up the shaft, as well as detecting the faint odor of smoke. Ms. Sánchez believes that her “sister” Simone has been scrying on the group for some time and has followed them here, where she is now attacking. Insisting that the only way to survive is to give her control of her body back, the group reluctantly suggests to O’Grotten that he head back into Grognak, which he does.

Ms. Sánchez performs a ritual that electrifies the whole lair, causing an intense magnetic field which briefly lifts everybody wearing metal. The electric surge subsides as thousands of blue dragonlings are released from the hexagonal lattice lining the shaft. Calderón returns to the ground as the air becomes a swirl of blue and red dragons fighting each other. Mira expresses sincere sympathy to Ms. Sánchez re: her kids all dying.

On the ground, the Posse-Slayers reveal they have a teleportation apparatus. Ms. Sánchez insists they take her with them in an escape, though she needs a minute to gather some things from a different room; the group is left to defend Gorthaur and the apparatus until she returns. This is immediately made harder by the two young red dragons which plummet to the ground, only to get up and begin attacking the party.

Through clever application of healing potions and polymorph spells, our heroes are able to fend off the pair of young dragons, as well as a third which comes crashing down shortly after. Having made excellent time, Ms. Sánchez returns in under a minute, backpack in tow. The group opens a portal to the Iswäter Fount to escape. Ms. Sánchez takes a last moment to pluck a single hair from her head and place it on the glass-like substance in the middle of her octagonal lab before stepping through the portal as well.

The group arrives during the middle of the night at the Iswäter docks. Weary, exhausted, beaten down, they trudge to the nearest hotel, the Kilton Seaside Inn and Resort (“Let us be the Oyster to your Pearl!”). They pay the frankly outrageous price for individual rooms and rest up.

Session 19


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