Session 2

The Birth of Jeff the Fire Peasant

Session 1

The group decides to work together for the time being, since they were all being transported as slaves. Not knowing what the dodecahedron is, but guessing that it has some serious value if it was the target of the explosive attack, they see if they can find the escaped devil. Around the bend towards the direction the train was moving (away from the volcano), they see a massive, fiery crater, which Gorthaur identifies as probably being a Gate to Hell, used by the devils. Calderón and Mira deceive/threaten one of the peasants also being sold into slavery (whose name is Jeff and who has three beautiful grandchildren) into going into the pit to find out if it’s still active as a portal. Calderón ties a rope around Jeff and tosses him in; the heat near the pit is overwhelming, and after six seconds, Calderón pulls a crispy version of Jeff’s corpse out of the crater. Jeff the Fire Peasant is born (as a concept; Jeff is very dead).

Wisely deciding that burning to a crisp is a poor idea, and seeing that the volcano is getting ready to erupt, the group heads towards the front train car. Inside, they taunt three halflings before Calderón is overcome with demonic bloodlust and slaughters them (“The devils are back”). This worries Mira and Gorthaur surprisingly little. Mira loots the place, finding the Wacko and Jacko Gloves.

Kilzün erupts, and the group spends the rest of the night resting in the head car, as they are slowly buried by faintly magical ash. Come morning, they dig their way out of the ash
and see that the rest of the train is similarly buried. At Mira’s suggestion (and fearing that 100,000 young dragons will soon be exiting what remains of the volcano), they walk slowly through the ash-filled canyon away from Kilzün, towards the city of Broughton.

After several hours, the party gets out of the canyon onto the plains approaching Broughton; the ash is still present, though much less so. A group of dwarves approaches and asks for help in digging out their town; no luck, as the party has no interest in manual labor. Calderón uses some duplicitous means to get through the city gate (gives his glaive to the guards, then summons it back to himself a minute later once in), and the party works their way through the city to meet with one of Mira’s Thieves Guild contacts. They go underground through a back entrance of a warehouse and, after walking through a long string of hallways, find the office of T, a gnome who designs magic and items (and magical items) for the guild.

T informs the party that Mira’s superior, Jule Moreen, is the owner of the coin purse with the initials “JM,” and that Jule is in a sour mood lately for some reason. Gorthaur asks to borrow a book on dragons from T, who happily obliges. Calderón parts with his “can that sounds like spiders are in there” in exchange for his everfull tea kettle, and the party prepares to depart to find Jule.

Session 3


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