Session 4

Pieces of Jule

Session 3

With G’hotezhe nowhere to be found after the Z.C.U.B.A Steve incident, the party searches the Manhole. Mira finds no trace of secret exits/entrances that G’hotezhe could have used to make his escape, but the rest of the party discover a magical beer spigot, which turns any liquid poured through it into moderately-good beer. With clever application of the Everfull T Kettle, the party now has access to infinite nearly-boiling beer.

A sound is heard at the front door, as if it is being forced open. The group sets themselves up and mage hands the door open, only to be met with a fireball erupting into the room. This lights the Manhole ablaze and de-skins Z.C.U.B.A Steve, making him S.C.U.B.A. Steve. Following the fireball is a massive flesh golem. While the rest of the party fights off the flesh golem, Calderón sees a mage of some kind outside; he casts darkness followed by his own fireball, before the mage disappears from (his) sight. The flesh golem is killed, and with the Manhole burning down around them, the party heads out.

The group decides to go find Jule and confront her, perhaps in the hope of removing the burn notice? Perhaps to kill her. It’s unclear. In any case, they head through the city until they reach a secret back-alley door, which Mira has previously seen, though never entered. Calderón successfully identifies a poison-tipped trap in the door handle, which Mira then disables. With Mira disguised as a male dragonborn and made invisible by Gorthaur, she opens the door to a stairway leading underground. At the bottom is a lone guard. Calderón lures him up with promises of free beer but fails to grapple him while yelling “Grapple!”

The guard (later discovered to be named “Bill”) escapes down into the hideout; after some deliberation, the party follows. They run into a different guard (“Lebowski”), who they nearly kill. They force him to take them to Jule, with Grognak holding him as a human shield. Lebowski betrays them, leading them to a lounge room with other thieves (and a really nice floor rug that really warms up the room), one of which (“Ted”) fires an arrow upon the door opening. This kills Lebowski. The other thief (“Unnamed Woman”) is aghast that Ted would kill Lebowski, and throws Ted into the lounge fireplace, killing him. She then befriends the party, who convinces her that they are trying to “claim the bounty” on Mira. This is made easier by Gorthaur having a pile of bones (S.C.U.B.A. Steve) and Calderón spinning a convincing tale of a burnt-down Manhole.

The thief leads them to Jule (Mira is still invisible), who elaborates a bit upon the importance of finding the black dodecahedron. The visible party (led by Calderón) bullshit with her for an unreasonably long amount of time until Mira finally gets the hint. She wraps her sword-whip around Jule’s throat and slices it open, breaking invisibility. As Jule bleeds out, Gorthaur bops her with his staff, creating his second-ever wraith and leveling up his weapon. The party levels up to 7 and loots the room, finding some gold, as well as a magical choker and magical goblets.

While this is happening, a strange man steps into the room, congratulating Mira on surviving. He turns out to be Jule’s immediate superior, who had vehemently disagreed with the burn notice and had come to deal with it on his own. Introducing himself as “Chevy Chase,” he gives them additional information about the black dodecahedron: it is some sort of magical artifact whose original purpose is unknown. 28 years ago, somebody tried to activate it in Hithliam, only to activate a failsafe which annihilated the entire village (mostly). Chevy had instructed Jule to find it so that they could stop Broughton from being the next unintentional (or intentional) target of destruction.

Jule dead, Chevy promotes Mira to replace her as Lieutenant. He then re-enchants a bundle of bones he had later disenchanted upon entering the room and binds it to Gorthaur, establishing S.C.U.B.A. Ned (note that this binding is seemingly permanent; Gorthaur does not need to re-cast animate dead in order to retain daily control). Finally, he orders Mira to continue Jule’s work in finding the black dodecahedron, and leaves. The party splits, heading both to the Magical College near the Fount in Broughton for answers on how to get to the Underworld, and staying in the hideout to fraternize with Mira’s new subordinates and read up on Jule’s old notes. Jule’s desk has documents that outline a trip itinerary for the Archduke coming in two days time, as well as blueprints for the high-class inn in which he’ll be staying.

Session 5


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