Session 7

The Broughton Job

Session 6

The next morning, the group has mostly recovered in the hideout, though Arvi remains bedridden for several days to fully recuperate. The rest of the party meets up in Mira’s office and inspects the chainmail bag of holding stolen from Augustus; after some cautious experimentation, they discover that it is held closed with a yellow Immovable String. Unable to open it, they call in T, who manages to cut the string with the dagger on Mira’s desk, leaving the party with two smaller Immovable Strings. At the bequest of Mira, T begins making amulets of fire protection, which will take him a week.

Inside the bag, the party finds quite a bit of loot and, most importantly, the Augusto Apparation Apparatus™, the long-awaited teleporting device. Included is an instruction manual, though it looks like the manual is intended for a model farther down the development line than the Apparatus the party now has. The manual includes dire warnings in case of misuse, from loss of daily spells to permanent disconnect with the Weave. However, with T’s help, Gorthaur believes he can figure out how to use the device. Thus begins a long debate on exactly how to use it.

Several ideas are floated: sneak into the Magical College to get access to the Fount in order to power the device; open a portal to Hell from the College and let the demons/devils kill off all the wizards (“kill all wizards except Gor” becomes a common theme); target the dodecahedron as a powerful magic source and open a portal to it briefly from Mira’s office; etc. Ultimately, Calderón remembers that power is money, and magic is power, so gold is magic. Gorthaur calculates that it will take about 100 gold per second to sustain the portal. With this, the decision is made: rob a bank.

There are three known vaults of meaningful size in Broughton: a bank, a casino, and the Magical College. Wisely, the party chooses the bank. They make an initial trip for 18 seconds into the bank vault, with Mira and Grognak filling the bags of holding with gold and Calderón deadlifting it. They are pursued through the portal by a clay golem, which is shoved back through the portal right before it closes. After a couple minutes’ deliberation, they decide they probably should have killed the golem, and also there’s still a ton more gold. They open the portal again and trick the golem into coming into Mira’s office, where they promptly kill it (before shoving the body back into the vault). However, they noticed that he had been banging on the inside of the vault door the whole time they were deliberating.

Another couple of minutes go by, and a final bank theft is proposed, wherein they will be able to make two trips. They do so, but halfway through the vault door opens, and a flock of gnomes prepares to enter. Before they see anything, Calderón casts darkness in the doorway, giving the party time to escape. As the gnomes get through the darkness and into the vault, Calderón is just slipping through the about-to-close portal and calls out “You will learn the wrath of Magister Eliot!”

While waiting for T to finish their amulets, Mira gives massive bonuses to her guild members in order to soothe their melancholy over losing Stacy (who was universally well-liked); this buys their loyalty. Bethany is sent out of the hideout in order to find a necromantic token for Gor; she returns with a monkey skull that allows him to renew his animate dead effects on up to 12 bodies instead of four. She also hears news that Magister Eliot is being investigated for something, though she hears nothing about the bank break-in specifically. However, there is a substantial (10,000 gold) bounty from Archduke Augustus Augusto put out on the party, and it is probably unsafe for them to walk around town.

T returns, having finished the amulets. He helps Gor search for the dodecahedron as the portal target, then the party opens the portal for three seconds, as a trial run. Hot air blasts through the portal, and the party sees they are looking into a ornately-decorated shrine, in the back of which is the black dodecahedron. Wandering the shrine are four mind flayers, who luckily do not notice the party. The portal closes, and the group is left to decide what to do next.

Session 8


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