Session 8

RIP Arvi

Session 7

Our heroes take a full day to contemplate their next actions, considering possible scenarios. All agree that four mind flayers is probably too much for them in direct combat. Eventually, a plan is hatched and put into motion.

After purchasing a scroll of greater invisibility, the party casts haste, fly, and greater invisibility on Grognak. Gorthaur and T open the portal to the shrine for six seconds, where there are currently only two mind flayers wandering about: one in the middle of the shrine and one next to the alter, looking at the dodecahedron. Grognak flies into the shrine and grabs the dodecahedron, which promptly turns invisible as it falls under the greater invisibility spell. The mind flayer notices this and looks around in surprise.

Grognak makes it back into the hideout and tosses the dodecahedron to Calderón; standing behind Arvi, Calderón shouts “Hey!” to the mind flayers, focusing their attention on the portal. The mind flayers have direct line-of-sight to Arvi and Gorthaur’s army of skeletons. They mind blast Arvi, stunning her, and pull her through the portal with telekinesis. Gorthaur sends four of his skeletons in after her, but before anyone else can react, the portal closes.

Since the dodecahedron was being used as the Target for the Augusto Apparation Apparatus™, the exact location of the shrine in Hell can no longer be pinpointed. Gorthaur and T attempt to reopen the portal: first, for three seconds, they open it somewhere within 50 miles of the shrine. Grognak glimpses a dot on the horizon, which allows them to get a bit closer on their second attempt, though the shrine is still quite a ways off and looks like it’s part of some larger temple structure. Accepting the worst, the party abandons Arvi to her fate. Grognak carves a very crude (and wrong-gendered) Arvi stick figure on the hideout wall and tries to write out her name; Qarvi is born. Calderón is similarly upset, left staring at the wall, as if waiting for the portal to reopen to the shrine.

After mourning for a bit, T uses the 6-way-scrying-mirror to call up Chevy, as per the group’s arrangement. Chevy arrives and convinces Mira to hand over the dodecahedron, saying it will be kept safe in the central guild vaults. Dodecahedron in hand, he casts hold person on the party and dashes out of the hideout (Gorthaur manages to resist the spell and casts grease, but Chevy is spritely enough to make it up the stairs without incident).

The party regroups and continues to mourn the loss of Qarvi. Gorthaur and T, meanwhile, use the Apparatus to track Chevy. They find that he has stopped near the Fount in the middle of the Magical College, and, rousing the team, they open the portal into the Fount plaza. Across the way from the portal is Archduke Augustus Augusto and his four remaining elite guards. Between the two groups is Chevy, heading directly towards the Fount, dodecahedron in hand. Mira dashes forward and grabs the dodecahedron before dashing back to the portal, handing it off to Grognak. Chevy uses telekinesis to pull the dodecahedron back towards him, though it remains on the hideout side. Augustus also uses telekinesis to pull the dodecahedron towards himself, and the party sees it flying through the air into the plaza as the portal closes.

Session 9


Mira grabbed the dodecahedron and made it part of the way back to the portal; then Grognak took it and made it back to the portal, after which Augustus Augusto pulled his jerk move and took it from him!

Session 8
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