Session 9

RIP Augustus

Session 8

After a quick debate, the group reopens the portal to see Augustus and Chevy telekinetically battling over the dodecahedron. Chevy has gained some assistance from some strange creatures: mutated bugbears which have fur-covered tentacles and extra appendages. These creatures are fighting Augustus’ elite guards to a stand-still.

The party joins the fray, capitalizing on the proximity of the Fount to let Gorthaur do maximum fireball damage and to supercharge their weapons. Grognak in particular becomes fascinated with the fact that he continues to return invisible after every attack he makes, and spends a decent amount of time wailing on corpses to play with Twitch’s supercharged power. Azoth grants Mira vastly enhanced perception, and she notices an eyeball pattern tattooed on the back of Chevy’s left hand, very similar to the one Jule had before her demise.

For the duration of the fight, Calderón is disguised as a common guard and behaves as such.

Throughout the battle, Augustus casts lightning bolt on Mira again (though mostly while aiming at Chevy) and winds up very close to the Fount. Chevy at some point gets the dodecahedron and makes a sprint for the Fount; Calderón and Mira, fearing he will toss it in, stop and kill him, successfully retaking the dodecahedron. Mira takes this opportunity to soak her sword in Chevy’s blood as well. Around this time, Augustus, who has been battling a “squid-bugbear” solo, is significantly wounded and then pushed into the Fount, disappearing with a slight crackle.

Mira heads back through the portal, but she is quickly followed by the elite guards, who surround her and grapple her into submission. Calderón casts hypnotic pattern, successfully incapacitating all of them. Simultaneously, Grognak kills a few of the squid-bugbears and Gorthaur reanimates Chevy’s corpse. He commands Chevy to jump into the Fount, but at the last second Gorthaur’s mind is filled with an image of writing black tentacles, and Chevy disobeys. Gorthaur feels the mental connection with Chevy become tainted and abandons control.

Officials from the Magical College begin entering the Fount area, shouting at the remaining party members to cease and desist. They of course do not, promptly trying to dash through the portal. Gorthaur is held at one point, but Grognak carries him through, as the portal closes, leaving them safe.

Except for the elite guards, which the party then takes its sweet time killing.

Session 10


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