Calderón "The Hammer" "The Dwarfeater"


Calderón is a 72-year-old human warlock (pact of the blade, fiend). He grew up on the streets in the metropolis of Litherpool. A capable fighter, he worked his way up the ranks of the city guard until being assigned to a scouting party patrolling the region nearby. On one such mission, 28 years before the present, his patrol was near the small elf village of Hithliam when—without warning—the sky turned black and unspeakable destruction fell upon the nearby area. After waking up after having been unconscious for some period of time, Calderón found himself with amazing new powers, accompanied by a fiendish voice whispering directions into his mind. Since then, he and Gorthaur have been traveling together.

The thieves in Mira’s hideout have given him the nickname “The Hammer.”

Calderón currently wields Dehkan the Glaive.

Calderón "The Hammer" "The Dwarfeater"

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