Broughton Region

While the boundaries and nation-status of the rest of the continent has been fairly well-established, the mountainous region in the middle of Honnleath has long resisted any form of centralized control, instead operating as a collection of city-states. Partially because of this, Broughton and the surrounding region does not have the same level of development as the rest of Honnleath, and outsiders tend to view it as a backwards, crude place. Note that those from the city of Broughton are called Broughtoners and those from the Broughton Region are called Broughtonites.


Broughton was a Fount city near the center of the continent; it served as the de facto capital of the central mountainous region of Honnleath. It was also, unsurprisingly, home to the Broughton Thieves Guild.

Broughton was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion after the party threw the dodecahedron in the Fount.


Strathmore is a small village a few hours travel away from Broughton. Mira was born and raised here.


Litherpool is a metropolis near the edge of the mountainous region. Calderón is originally from here. Litherpool has a long-standing rivalry with Broughton, though the lack of a Fount in Litherpool means it will likely never be the same level of regional powerhouse.


Hithliam was a small elvish village in the forests near Broughton. It was the hometown of Gorthaur until it was destroyed suddenly and violently 28 years ago by mysterious forces.


Kilzün is an active volcano in the mountains near Broughton. Mira claims to have seen an adult red dragon named Simone and an enormous batch of her eggs here when she found the dodecahedron. The name Kilzün means “stone belch” or “stone fart” in Old Dwarven.

Broughton Region

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