Broughton Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild in Broughton had a relatively clear-cut hierarchical structure. There was a lone, mysterious figure at the top; below them was another little-known individual, who in turn oversaw four Lieutenants, each of which oversaw roughly a fourth of the Guild. Each Lieutenant had their own “lair” or “hideout,” and they assigned jobs directly to the lower members. Lieutenants would occasionally be given directives by their superior, but usually they were expected to bring in money under their own initiative.

Underneath the Lieutenants, each fourth was run/organized differently, depending on the preferences of the Lieutenant; some may have sub-Lieutenants, etc. It was very common for thieves working in one group to have no knowledge of thieves working for another; only when necessary did the different groups coordinate in significant ways.

The last known Lieutenants were Pennilenn Perchevel, Gog, Barchard Lohi, and Mira Nemetsk.

There were a few additional subgroups of the Guild which did not fit into the usual chain-of-command. For example, T and his subordinates held a unique place within the Guild, with different responsibilities and freedoms.

Mira’s hideout was known to be immune to scrying magic, except for specifically allowed devices like her 6-way-scrying-mirror.

The Guild is assumed to be defunct after the destruction of Broughton.

Broughton Thieves Guild

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