This is information gleaned by Gorthaur from T’s book on dragons and Rhiverpuhl’s book on dragons. There are only chromatic dragons in Honnleath. Dragons have an existence analogous to bees: there is a queen adult dragon who is supported by several types of lesser draconic creatures. There is an internal hierarchy within a dragon’s “hive,” which includes (in no particular order) kobolds, pseudo-dragons, half-dragons, dragonborn, wyverns, and a few others. Every several hundred years (the timing is not known, since mortals rarely live such long lives), a queen will lay thousands of eggs. These eggs are neutral–they can hatch into the red dragon hierarchy or the blue dragon hierarchy, etc. Exposing the egg to extreme conditions allows it to develop into a specific color, and the intensity of this exposure determines where in the hierarchy the hatchling ends up. For example, a dragon egg placed in a vat of acid for a period of time might hatch into a black wyvern.

Very basic information about chromatic dragons, such as which color corresponds to which elemental breath weapon, is also included (black ↔ acid, blue ↔ lightning, green ↔ poison, red ↔ fire, white ↔ frost).

Both books have an outdated list of adult dragon names. They note that this information—both specific names and colorings—is suspect at best and should be taken with a grain of salt. The names (colors) listed are: Agatha (white), Brione (green), Simone (blue), Reglia (blue), Voira (blue), Niol (black), Barchard (brown).

Rhiverpuhl’s book lists Barchard as a black dragon.


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