Session 25

Session 24

  • Begin to torture pedo
  • party proves pretty bad at torture
  • take a rest, then head back to Iswater to survey the damages from killing 100 refugees
  • hear rumors of great unrest at the gate, perhaps a plague among the refugees?
  • meet with queen, who turns out to be a bleeding heart and requests they do something to help the refugees
  • Ms. Sanchez appears, silencing Mira, in a moment of dramatic irony
  • Sanchez reveals the queen has been having tentacle nightmares and decides to go with the party to the basement to confront Flense/some mindflayers
  • in the thief hideout, mindflayers are encountered, Hildra fucking owns it
Session 24
  • Continue to protect T
  • meet shovel squadron (agree to find Qyd’s shovel)
  • agree to help uncle find neice in refugee camp; he turns out to be creepy AF; kidnap him and bring him back to T to be tortured
  • kill tons of peasants to frame Meeshaq
Session 23

Rinse and repeat previous session. Not exactly, but:

  • buy more magic in Iswater
  • find out the refugees are starting to grow violent; whole city is on lock-down
  • queen has been weird lately, has new advisor within the last week or so
  • Leomund’s tiny hut to guard T for 8 hours to build lair
  • fight off returned Wyverns+kobolds
  • pretty much it
Session 22
Return to Broughton
  • Gorthaur on the fritz, O’Grotten steps in
  • buy items in Rhiverpuhl (scrolls, magic carpet for a bazillion gold, embroidered BoH)
  • portal to Broughton to build lair under what used to be fount
  • fight ash wolves
  • find two dragons + group of kobolds surrounding a stalagmite
  • calderon challenged as “champion” of the group; two kobolds flee, dragons fight
  • party wins, ends with duel of Grognak and last dragon in the air
  • t-rex’d Hildra smashes stalagmite; out pops the dodecahedron
Session 21
Into the Belly of the Crab

Session 20

The Posse-Slayers debate for quite a while about what they are to do with their 17.5 million gold. Several ideas are batted back and forth, including just returning the gold to the vault in a loose heap and re-robbing it when necessary for smaller amounts. Ultimately, the group decides to just keep renting the room indefinitely until they can build a vault (or, in Mira’s words, a “lair”). After greasing the palms of some of the hotel workers and paying for an extra couple nights, the party sleeps in preparation of the next day’s rescue mission of T.

Early the next morning they awake and head down the shoreline to the palace. There is already a long line of people waiting to take a tour, most of them dressed to the nines. One of the guards/tour guides informs the collective group that weapons and bags of holding are not allowed on the tour, so Calderón takes most of the team’s weapons and disguise selfs himself into his alter-ego, Manuel Mondragon. All spruced up and ready to roll, thy approaches Bethany at the head of the line. She informs them that the VIP tour is starting shortly, for the low, low cost of 1000 gold per head. Mira pays the fee and they’re in!

Five other people are on the VIP tour, including Ms. Sánchez, who pretends not to notice them. Bethany leads the group into the palace, telling the fabled story about how Her Majesty’s ancestor slew an enormous crab, the body of which became the main part of the palace, and the slaying of which paved the way for the current royal line. The tourists express some doubt, but Bethany is undeterred. She brings them to the basement, in order to work the tour upwards through the palace, and she drops several hints to Mira that this will be the entrance to the new Thieves Guild. As the rest of the tour group heads back upstairs, the Posse-Slayers remain behind; Ms. Sánchez does briefly as well, telling them not to cause problems, before she too leaves.

After some searching, the party finds a odorous storage room. Underneath a stack of boxes they find a large metal manhole cover. Hildra uses her new attract/repel metal ability to remove the lid, and the group one by one drops through. They land in what appears to be the sewer system below the palace; to their right the circular hallway narrows to an iron door. Mira realizes the door is trapped and disarms and opens it. At this point, Mira and Grognak are invisible, each having used an invisibility potion. Behind the door is Clark, who the party recognizes. He greets them but asks them to leave immediately, promising he will talk to T about their visit. Calderón notices that Clark has a 1000-yard stare; in addition, it’s pitch dark and Clark is a human. Calderón is suspicious, and when Clark pulls a dagger, asking them again to leave, the party agrees, closing the door behind them. After some quick discussion, they reopen the door to find Clark gone. The hallway unguarded, the party presses onwards.

A little farther on, they find a group of three thieves in a break room gathered around a table playing cards. With the lights off. Grognak engages them in a game of Go Fish, but quickly realizes they are either cheating, or something very abnormal is going on. Mira pleads with the party to spare her thieves’ lives, even if their minds are not their own. Almost everybody agrees, and the three thieves are rendered unconscious. Gorthaur, however, follows up with a beating to the head for each, getting three wraiths and three golden R.O.B.O.T.s.

The party moves deeper into the lair, seeing more mentally absent thieves sitting in a mess hall. Eventually, they find T’s office, and enter. Inside is T at his desk, flanked by two mind flayers and a halfling wearing exotic clothing. The halfling, who can seemingly see the invisible members, introduces himself as Flense, and requests the group find the dodecahedron, assuring them that it does indeed still exist. The group is not persuaded by his offers/threats, including his offer to return Arvi to them. Mira throws a knife at his neck, but at the last second, the until-then silent T jumps in the way, taking the blade to the shoulder. During the latter half of this interaction, Gorthaur had stepped around the corner and begun preparing the Apparatus for a portal to Rhiverpuhl. As the situation gets violent in the room, Grognak grabs T and the party books it though the portal, arriving near the Fount.

Session 20
Ocean's Five

Session 19

The day before Bethany’s palace tour, the party reconvenes in the lobby of the Kilton. They find that Gorthaur has been roboticized by Ms. Sánchez over the last few days; the process was incredibly painful and left him with only hazy memories of the ordeal. The others relay their previous days’ errands and catch him up on what’s been going on. After a bit of conversation, the party develops three goals for the day: first, to return the Shit Dagger of J’sson to Bojivan in exchange for him upgrading their weapons (and because Calderón, who is holding the dagger, is beginning to have an unnatural stench about him); second, to go see Tug the armorsmith to pick up Calderón and Mira’s new dragon-scale armor; third, to rob a bank, as Mira is becoming worried with the fact that their gold amount is only represented in five digits instead of six.

The group heads to Bojivan’s shop and gives him the Shit Dagger of J’sson, which he takes to the back and stores away. He returns and inspects the party’s weapons and expresses dismay that the they are constantly carried around, used, and powered up, as the weapons have begun to intertwine with the souls of their wielders. The party is given two options: Bojivan can upgrade their weapons by one level or by two. If by one, he will also suppress the personality-altering effects; if by two, those effects will instead be amplified, and further power increases will continue to do the same. With frighteningly little thought, everybody agrees to upgrade by two levels and continue the slip into a symbiotic bond with their weapons.

Bojivan first breaks Alda across his knee, prompting Gorthaur to use his newfound lifting strength to hoist the elf above his head, threatening to snap him in two as well. After some begging, Gorthaur puts him down; Bojivan scurries to his workbench, finds an appropriately-sized magical metal coupler and repairs the staff. Alda levels up and can now control wraiths indefinitely.

Still somewhat wary of Gorthaur, Bojivan turns to Azoth; he tells Mira he must stab her eye in order to upgrade the blade. Mira does not take kindly to the idea, but, after having been grappled by Calderón, is very lightly poked in one of her eyes by the tip of the sword-whip. Eye goop drips down the blade, which then absorbs it. Mira’s eye is cloudy, but when she wields Azoth again it clears up and her vision is perfect. She notices that she can see soft spots and weaknesses on her companions that she didn’t before, giving her an extended critical range. She also gains the ability to channel her sight through Azoth, which has limited true sight.

Up next is Dehkan. For this weapon, Bojivan says he needs a blood sacrifice from each party member present. This poses a bit of a problem for the newly metal Gorthaur, but an oil-replacement is found. The one unfilled hole in Dehkan fills, and Calderón is now able to transfer the defensive benefit to other creatures (though the recipient suffers a small amount of pain in the process) and is able to trade multiple blood holes for spell renewals.

Fourth is Hildra and the Offermand. The Offermand only reluctantly leaves Hildra’s possession, but Bojivan is able to tempt it away. He places a chunk of magnet atop the fluid metal; the Offermand absorbs it but seems not to grow at all. Hildra accepts the excited Offermand back and finds it now amplifies her abilities more strongly than before. In addition, she can cast attract/repel metal by channeling through the Offermand and has gained a passive sense metal effect.

Finally, Bojivan studies Twitch. He leans over and gently loosens a previously overlooked screw near the head of the axe. At this, Twitch vibrates violently on the work table for a few seconds before coming again to a rest. Bojivan offers the greataxe back to Grognak, who learns that he now gets an extra attack anytime he comes out of invisibility and that scoring a near-perfect hit will regrant his invisibility automatically.

Happy with their new items, the party leaves, promising to bring future business to Bojivan. They next head to see Tug, who gives Calderón and Mira their armor: Plate (resp. Studded Leather) of the Grey Dragon. Despite some initial misgivings (in that Mira gave him red dragon scales), the two soon warm to the +1 armor, as it has the added property of giving them 30 seconds of resistance to an elemental type when such an attack deals damage to them. The party leaves Tug’s and returns to the hotel to plan a heist.

Back at the Kilton, Hildra and Gorthaur search for a bank vault using the apparatus while the others get expensive “massages.” After an hour or so, they find a stock of gold deep in the southern part of the continent, in what they assume is Dek. Intense planning takes place, and a portal is opened. Beyond is a magical darkness (and silence) effect, but those who can see through it see ornate marble walls and floors and towering piles of golden bricks. Mira, using her new power with Azoth, notes that some of the bricks are rough and worn, whereas most look shiny and new. After several portal openings and closings, the group figures out these are “immovable bricks” holding the entire piles of gold in place. Luckily, one pile is mere feet away, so a new plan is made to steal just that one.

Some slight shopping later, the heist goes as follows: Hildra polymorphs Calderón into a T-rex (after he’s in the vault), and he begins pushing the pile towards the portal. Mira casts repeated dispel magic scrolls to remove as much of the immovable brick stopping power as possible. Grognak pulls on a rope tied around the stack. Hildra uses the Offermand’s new attract metal to pull as well. Finally, Gorthaur greases the floor in front of the pile and uses Bigby’s big hand to push from the back with Calderón. Their forces combined, the pile begins sliding; its top hits the wall, it flips and slides through the portal, where Hildra now repel metals it into scattering everywhere in the room. A brief calculation later, the party has gained about 17.5 million gold. Mira seems delirious over the sum.

Session 21

Session 19
Clamming Around at Clamival

Session 18

Our party sleeps-in following the events in the Estuary, fully curing Grognak’s exhaustion and giving Hildra the opportunity to learn greater restoration, which she immediately uses to roll back a few of the additional years Grognak was aged by O’Grotten. (Grognak is still in his 50s, some of the aging being too long ago to so easily undo.) Most of the group gathers late in the morning in the Kilton lobby to plan their next move. Apparently caring little about the fate of Rhiverpuhl—despite its physical proximity to the previous night’s dragon attack—they decide to go shopping in Iswäter. There is no sign of Ms. Sánchez or Gorthaur, though the front desk assures them neither has checked out. Mira attempts to leave a message for them but finds the workers snooty and difficult to abide. The group leaves.

As they exit into Iswäter, they find that it is Clamival, a regional multi-day celebration of the annual clam harvest and the end of summer. Grognak is hooked, eating as many free clams (which are being given out on nearly every street corner) as possible. The whole city is in a festive mood, though the party perceives undercurrents of stress and anxiety: after the Broughton Calamity, there has been a wave of refugees coming from the Broughton Region. Outside the gates of Iswäter a refugee camp has been growing daily, and the issue of how to handle them is a divisive one. The Broughton Region is largely seen as the backwater shit-hole of the continent, so there are many who doubt the capacity of the Broughtonites to assimilate and contribute to Iswäter society.

Lead by Mira’s desire to restock on potions, the four present group-members (Mira, Calderón, Hildra, and Grognak) head to one of the town markets to find a potion shop of some kind. They see a shop adorned with a giant sign in the shape of a conical flask and head inside; they are greeted with the sight of shelves upon shelves of bottled potions of every kind, as well as a substantial amount of raw ingredients presumably for the amateur at-home potion brewer. From behind the front counter a thin halfling pops up and introduces himself as Clefki, shop manager. The group proceeds to spend 8000 gold on various potions, including some greater invisibility, fly, and two types of unspecified healing potions.

Taking a shine to his new, clearly wealthy, customers, Clefki gives them each a gift: for Grognak, a magical perfume; for Hildra, bottled lightning; for Calderón, bottled chaos; and for Mira, liquid stone. Grognak spends the rest of the day experimenting with his perfume by spraying it on random people (and his fellow group members). He learns that the effects of the perfume are variable, making the recipient appear more engaging, repugnant, or “earthy” and pragmatic; the latter seems to influence recipient personality for a while as well. Clefki also gives the group a scroll of sending to contact him if they ever have future potion needs. Leaving the potion shop, Calderón and Grognak have a sudden, simultaneous desire for blood and, as if with one mind, destroy a passing peasant so utterly that the poor soul is erased from existence.

The group heads to a weaponsmith nearby. There they meet the smith himself, an old surly elf named Bojivan. With a bit of help from Grognak’s perfume, the party is able to get Bojivan to reveal that he has experience working magical items and that he can probably upgrade their magical weaponry, though he seems reluctant to do so. In return for such services, Bojivan requests the party retrieve a magical weapon for him from a shop a few streets away. On display, but not for sale, is the legendary Shit Dagger of J’sson—Bojivan has made extravagant offers in the dagger, to no avail. Our “heroes” promise to bring him the Shit Dagger within a few days time via unspecified methods and head out.

Next up is a magical armorer’s shop. The shopkeep here is a half-orc named Tug, who seems unfazed by most of the party’s antics. After some negotiation, Tug gives the party upgraded magical armor (and some rings of protection) in exchange for 10,000 gold. He also takes the fifteen red dragon scales Mira has so far collected, promising to craft custom plate armor for Calderón and custom “leather” armor for Mira. They are to return in two days time to collect. The group leaves and spends another (luxurious) night at the hotel. Calderón makes an attempt to seduce Ms. Sánchez, and appears to succeed.

The next day, Mira makes an effort to contact T and her underlings. Over the gossip stone, they hear only occasional noises, and then a partial sentence in T’s voice, saying “No, please, don’t! Let me go!” followed by static. The group begins following signs of thieves cant written on walls around town until they find themselves at the palace. Among the guards currently posted is Bethany, one of Mira’s underlings; she is working undercover as a guard and tells Mira that the entrance to their new thieves guild is in the palace basement. In two days time, she will be giving hourly tours of the palace, and the group decides to return then to try to figure out what’s going on with T (and presumably save him from some horrible fate).

That evening, Grognak and Calderón head to the shop where the Shit Dagger of J’sson is being held. With little time for word-play, they kill the shopkeep and steal the dagger. They also steal most of the rest of the shops goods and secretly deposit it in the refugee cmap outside town. Returning to the Kilton, the group spends another (luxurious) night at the hotel, and this evening Grognak attempts (and apparently succeeds) to seduce Ms. Sánchez.

Session 20

Session 18
Red vs. Blue

Session 17

We return to our “heroes” standing cautiously by as O’Grotten controls Ms. Sánchez. Through him, she reveals that her first name is Viora, which Gorthaur recognizes as a name from his book on dragons (though she is careful never to actually admit to being one). She claims to be very impressed with the party for besting her, requesting that they command O’Grotten to free her so she can parley with them. The group insists that O’Grotten is his own boss, and that he can do what he wants, which successfully keeps him inside Ms. Sánchez. She also claims to recognize Calderón’s glaive as belonging to “the mighty Demon Lord Nòredlac.”

While they discuss, modrons begin falling from the shaft above them. Calderón begins levitating in order to figure out what’s going on; he gets several hundred feet up and begins to see fiery explosions much farther up the shaft, as well as detecting the faint odor of smoke. Ms. Sánchez believes that her “sister” Simone has been scrying on the group for some time and has followed them here, where she is now attacking. Insisting that the only way to survive is to give her control of her body back, the group reluctantly suggests to O’Grotten that he head back into Grognak, which he does.

Ms. Sánchez performs a ritual that electrifies the whole lair, causing an intense magnetic field which briefly lifts everybody wearing metal. The electric surge subsides as thousands of blue dragonlings are released from the hexagonal lattice lining the shaft. Calderón returns to the ground as the air becomes a swirl of blue and red dragons fighting each other. Mira expresses sincere sympathy to Ms. Sánchez re: her kids all dying.

On the ground, the Posse-Slayers reveal they have a teleportation apparatus. Ms. Sánchez insists they take her with them in an escape, though she needs a minute to gather some things from a different room; the group is left to defend Gorthaur and the apparatus until she returns. This is immediately made harder by the two young red dragons which plummet to the ground, only to get up and begin attacking the party.

Through clever application of healing potions and polymorph spells, our heroes are able to fend off the pair of young dragons, as well as a third which comes crashing down shortly after. Having made excellent time, Ms. Sánchez returns in under a minute, backpack in tow. The group opens a portal to the Iswäter Fount to escape. Ms. Sánchez takes a last moment to pluck a single hair from her head and place it on the glass-like substance in the middle of her octagonal lab before stepping through the portal as well.

The group arrives during the middle of the night at the Iswäter docks. Weary, exhausted, beaten down, they trudge to the nearest hotel, the Kilton Seaside Inn and Resort (“Let us be the Oyster to your Pearl!”). They pay the frankly outrageous price for individual rooms and rest up.

Session 19

Session 17
Here's to You, Ms. Sánchez

Session 16

Getting to the center of the lair, fighting mecha-wyverns, possessing Ms. Sánchez.

Session 18

Session 16
*modem noises*

Session 15

After taking a rest in the basement, the party—aware that they have not found all of the missing dwarves yet—decide to exit through the backdoor of the asylum to delve deeper into the Estuary. They proceed out, only to be met with an enormous black wall, made some sort of metal and clearly several feet thick. After some testing, they learn that the wall conducts lightning spells and that casting such a spell near one end opens an almost-unseeable door. Gorthaur becomes the designated lightning-bearer, continuously casting shocking grasp in order to power their way forward.

Passing the wall, the Posse-Slayers find themselves in a room made of the same metal. The walls of the room have very regular hexagons subtly etched into them; the etchings light up with blue electricity when Gorthaur brings his shocking grasp close enough. Mira believes this is a similar phenomenon to her experience in Kilzün where she believes she met a dragon named Simone and that they are now in a dragon hive. Despite this, the party moves forward to look for the remaining thieves guild dwarf. Another electric door leads to a similarly hexagon-laden room, this time occupied by three odd creatures with bodies in the shape of, respectively, a cube, a sphere, and a pyramid. These mechanical beings acknowledge the party but don’t seem to change their behavior in any way, instead continuing to inspect and monitor the hexagons lining the walls and ceiling.

Mira, in a heightened state of tension due to her belief that this is a dragon hive, attacks one of the creatures, killing it instantly. The other two creatures begin making “modem noises” and move to attack the party. Hildra casts comprehend languages and understands them speaking in Modron; they seem to be repeating very simplistic lines like “Intruders spotted into Room 4B.” The party swiftly kills them before debating whether or not to press on.

Session 17


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