Session 21

Into the Belly of the Crab

Session 20

The Posse-Slayers debate for quite a while about what they are to do with their 17.5 million gold. Several ideas are batted back and forth, including just returning the gold to the vault in a loose heap and re-robbing it when necessary for smaller amounts. Ultimately, the group decides to just keep renting the room indefinitely until they can build a vault (or, in Mira’s words, a “lair”). After greasing the palms of some of the hotel workers and paying for an extra couple nights, the party sleeps in preparation of the next day’s rescue mission of T.

Early the next morning they awake and head down the shoreline to the palace. There is already a long line of people waiting to take a tour, most of them dressed to the nines. One of the guards/tour guides informs the collective group that weapons and bags of holding are not allowed on the tour, so Calderón takes most of the team’s weapons and disguise selfs himself into his alter-ego, Manuel Mondragon. All spruced up and ready to roll, thy approaches Bethany at the head of the line. She informs them that the VIP tour is starting shortly, for the low, low cost of 1000 gold per head. Mira pays the fee and they’re in!

Five other people are on the VIP tour, including Ms. Sánchez, who pretends not to notice them. Bethany leads the group into the palace, telling the fabled story about how Her Majesty’s ancestor slew an enormous crab, the body of which became the main part of the palace, and the slaying of which paved the way for the current royal line. The tourists express some doubt, but Bethany is undeterred. She brings them to the basement, in order to work the tour upwards through the palace, and she drops several hints to Mira that this will be the entrance to the new Thieves Guild. As the rest of the tour group heads back upstairs, the Posse-Slayers remain behind; Ms. Sánchez does briefly as well, telling them not to cause problems, before she too leaves.

After some searching, the party finds a odorous storage room. Underneath a stack of boxes they find a large metal manhole cover. Hildra uses her new attract/repel metal ability to remove the lid, and the group one by one drops through. They land in what appears to be the sewer system below the palace; to their right the circular hallway narrows to an iron door. Mira realizes the door is trapped and disarms and opens it. At this point, Mira and Grognak are invisible, each having used an invisibility potion. Behind the door is Clark, who the party recognizes. He greets them but asks them to leave immediately, promising he will talk to T about their visit. Calderón notices that Clark has a 1000-yard stare; in addition, it’s pitch dark and Clark is a human. Calderón is suspicious, and when Clark pulls a dagger, asking them again to leave, the party agrees, closing the door behind them. After some quick discussion, they reopen the door to find Clark gone. The hallway unguarded, the party presses onwards.

A little farther on, they find a group of three thieves in a break room gathered around a table playing cards. With the lights off. Grognak engages them in a game of Go Fish, but quickly realizes they are either cheating, or something very abnormal is going on. Mira pleads with the party to spare her thieves’ lives, even if their minds are not their own. Almost everybody agrees, and the three thieves are rendered unconscious. Gorthaur, however, follows up with a beating to the head for each, getting three wraiths and three golden R.O.B.O.T.s.

The party moves deeper into the lair, seeing more mentally absent thieves sitting in a mess hall. Eventually, they find T’s office, and enter. Inside is T at his desk, flanked by two mind flayers and a halfling wearing exotic clothing. The halfling, who can seemingly see the invisible members, introduces himself as Flense, and requests the group find the dodecahedron, assuring them that it does indeed still exist. The group is not persuaded by his offers/threats, including his offer to return Arvi to them. Mira throws a knife at his neck, but at the last second, the until-then silent T jumps in the way, taking the blade to the shoulder. During the latter half of this interaction, Gorthaur had stepped around the corner and begun preparing the Apparatus for a portal to Rhiverpuhl. As the situation gets violent in the room, Grognak grabs T and the party books it though the portal, arriving near the Fount.


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