Sansaq is an enormous desert, survived only by native creatures and a few scattered Druid tribes. However, underneath the desert’s surface lay several massive dwarven cities connected by hundreds of miles of tunnels.


Rhiverpuhl is the mountain dwarf Fount city in Sansaq; it contains the only underground Fount in Honnleath. Travel into the city is very tightly controlled, and those who wish to enter usually go through a months-long application process in order to be allowed in. Foreigners are not unheard of, but natural-born Rhiverpuhleans are in the substantial majority.

The Estuary

The lowest levels of Rhiverpuhl are almost entirely unpopulated, as they connect to the Estuary, a collection of tunnels that are largely unexplored. There are rumors of great treasure deep in the Estuary, as well as children’s stories which tell of ancient cities buried deeper underground, but few regular citizens have any interest in delving the depths. Those who do explore the tunnels rarely return with any semblance of sanity. Most known entrances to the Estuary have been blocked off by city officials in the name of public safety.


The Estuary connects to the Is√ľnderground, the name for the collection of abandoned settlements and ruins from ancient dwarven-controlled areas.


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